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Gain monthly cash flow & unique tax benefits by partnering with Swan Energy Inc.

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Why Invest In Oil and Gas Projects?

Unique Tax Benefits

Per investopedia, 100% of all intangible drilling costs are tax deductible the first year. 


Active Participation

At Swan Energy Inc. you are in control. We give you the tools needed to make informed decisions on your projects.

Retirement Compatible

Whether you want to rollover your IRA or 401k, our partnerships can provide a great opportunity to diversify your investments.

We invest alongside companies such as


  • Trustworthiness

    We do what we say we are going to do.
  • Experience

    We have drilled/particpated in over 300 wells in the last 10 years.
  • Technology

    Our geologist and engineers have access to the latest tools to analyze every deal.

See What Our Partners Have To Say


“Partnering with Swan has opened my eyes around alternative investments. Now I have control over my own investments as a partner on the team. I enjoy the ability to use their partner portal and be a direct decision maker on the future of my projects. ”

- Issa K. 

"Everytime I call Swan I really feel like an actual partner when I talk with Megan. She is so knowledgable and if she doesn't know the answer she always follows up and provides me with the information I requested. Thanks Megan! I appreciate the partner relations team for going above and beyond their duties."
“I am partner in multiple deals with Swan Energy. Without the partner portal I would be lost. I have the insight and records I need to make informed decisions all in one place."
“Brandon always mentions 'we do what we say we do' and I have witnessed this firsthand. These guys don't mess around, they move fast. I am a production engineer in the oil & gas field and it's great to see the level of depth in Swan's engineering team.”
“As a Surgeon, I really appreciate partnering with Swan. The tax incentives helped to offset my W2 income, and they give me all the tools I need to make a decision."

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