Frequently Asked Questions

Swan Energy provides updates on each Joint Venture weekly, quarterly, and daily depending on the status of the well. Updates are provided during the entire life cycle of your well. Further information on regular Joint Venture updates can be found in your Partner Portal.

The Joint Venture accountants are voted on by each Joint Venturer once accepted into the partnership. Further regarding Joint Venture accountants can be found in your Partner Portal.

Revenue/statements are distributed approximately ninety days after the date of production. Further information on revenue distribution can be found in your Partner Portal.

Joint Venture Schedule K-1s and/or 1099s will be issued for all Joint Venture projects. Further information on the distribution of Schedule K-1s can be found in your Partner Portal.

If you choose to Transfer and Assign Interest, change, or update your Printed Name for Ownership of Record, you may do so upon supplying proper documentation required to do so. Further information on the Transfer and Assignment of Interest, changes, or updates to your Printed Name for Ownership of Record can be found in your Partner Portal.

Ownership may be retitled among certain events such as death of a Joint Venturer, divorce, opening an LLC, transferring in or out of a Living Trust, etc. Further information on whether your circumstance proves necessary for a Transfer and Assignment of Interest can be found in your Partner Portal.

Yes, a Joint Venturer is able to re-register his/her IRA upon submission of any appropriate documentation to both the third party IRA custodian and Swan Energy. Further information on the procedures for an IRA re-registration can be found in your Partner Portal.

Fair Market Valuation forms are typically required if you have purchased interest via an IRA custodian. You can find the form and the due date by visiting your IRA custodian’s website.

Vantage IRA is the primary custodian for the majority of our Joint Venture partners. Vantage IRA has made an agreement with Swan Energy to accept mutual client Fair Market Vaulation forms after their January 9th deadline.

Swan Energy may provide an estimate for your asset which may be in development and/or have continued development. Swan Energy is not an expert at valuing oil and gas interests and we do not retain a reserve engineer, however, we do believe our valuation technique arrives at an estimated value that is sufficient and reasonably accurate. This valuation technique does not account for the restrictions on transfers which exist because these units are owned in a Joint Venture. This valuation should only be used for the purpose it was created and not relied on by third parties.

Once notified, the deceased owner's revenue will be held in suspense until the proper heirs can be determined. Upon notifying Swan Energy, LLC, we will assist you with any required paperwork needed to properly transfer the interest to the correct heirs.

Schedule K-1s are sent on an individual Joint Venture basis if you are participating in a Joint Venture partnership.

1099s are sent if you own interest outside the Joint Venture, and have accrued revenue greater than $500.00 for that year.