In the Swan Energy family, we believe our partners and companies do best when they have the best information available and know each other as humans and businesspeople. That’s why we make every effort to communicate and educate all parties about the company, ongoing projects, and developments.

Swan Energy gives everyone involved detailed information about risks, financial obligations, and project operations with regular conference calls hosted by CEO Brandon Davis and a dedicated partner website.

We strive at Swan Energy to create camaraderie between us and our companies. All incoming partners must be approved by existing partners, many of whom grow close friendships with each other. Swan Energy often holds onsite meetings for partners to visit the wells and operational sites to see and learn about developments firsthand.

We do not tolerate funny business here at Swan Energy. Most projects offer a fixed-price turnkey agreement, and any expense that run over budget are born solely by Swan Energy. Others are done at a cost basis. All partners have a vote on all operations and can remove Swan Energy as managing venture with a simple 51% majority.

Below are quotes from Swan Energy partners:

Community Relations