Swan Energy manages companies and partnerships in the oil and gas, trucking, disposal, and mining industries.

About Swan Energy

Founded in 1977 and purchased by Brandon Davis in 2010 and now entering its second decade of forming ventures, Swan Energy Inc. is dedicated to providing accredited investors with Joint Venture opportunities in high-quality oil and gas projects. Our structure allows new and existing partners to be well educated in these projects and hands-on owners of their own wells. We are always welcome to bring in new partners, most typically for longer-term opportunities.

Oil and gas recovery and production comes with high risks but with the potential for equally high returns. To qualify as a joint-venture partner, you need a minimum requirement of business management experience, a minimum net worth, and a certain level of annual income.

To qualify means to have knowledge of and experience in financial and business matters in general and as part of a joint venture. Our partners come from all walks of life, including, but not limited to: ranchers, farmers, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and small business owners. The thread that runs through all of them is a passion for success and a desire to work with oil and gas.

Our Mission

Every day we work tirelessly to be an independent oil and gas company that allows our partners the chance to participate in quality projects under authority of our management system. Between our savvy C-suite executives, engineers, and field operators, we have created an environment that allows us to chase expansion across the spectrum of our operations. We are neither upstream nor downstream. Our partnerships and companies cover the gamut from exploration to finished product in the energy, mining, and transportation industries. Our territory is vast - with operations in Oregon, Oklahoma, and Texas; and assets in Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. And we aren't stopping there, always looking for new opportunities as they arise.


At Swan Energy, Inc., we understand that success can only be achieved when our partners and companies are provided with the most substantial, relevant information available. Meaningful, thoughtful and effective communication between our clients and our associates about ongoing projects and developments is paramount to our success and theirs. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently build and develop personal and business relationships with our partners, in order to not only meet and exceed their expectations but also our own. We are better because of our expertise and our knowledgeable and dedicated team.

Our associates have the experience and resources that allow them to provide our partners with the most detailed and insightful information concerning the risks, financial obligations and project operations affecting their companies today.

We are firmly committed to our relationship with each and every partner and their respective teams, and our commitment is evidenced by our promise to only engage future partnerships approved by existing partners. We frequently gain valuable information about the wells and operational sites of our partners by holding onsite knowledge sharing meetings.

CEO Brandon Davis regularly hosts conference calls with our partners, all of whom have exclusive access to a dedicated partner website designed to meet their specific needs.

We are proud of the reputation we have earned at Swan Energy, Inc.:

Community Relations

A strong community makes everyone better, happier, and more successful. Whether you've been investing in oil and gas for 5 days or 50 years, you'll find ample opportunities to dive in and connect with your fellow partners. You'll find new friends, potential partners, and tireless teachers as you trade tips, advice, and stories to the benefit of all.