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Oil and Gas Tax IncentivesSwan Energy is a leading independent oil and gas company specializing in the exploration and production of domestic oil and natural gas fields through joint venture partnerships.  The company currently manages nearly 50 partnership projects.

Swan Energy’s goal is to lead the industry with the highest quality projects and most transparent operations for its partners.

Our partners typically reinvest in multiple projects making for long-term commitments and more opportunities for more success.  That confidence is in part a result of the company’s effort to transform the industry with full transparency for its partners, regular communications, and through direct access to company principals.  Swan Energy’s partnership structure provides partners with detailed information about risks, financial obligations, and project operations through regularly scheduled conference calls and a dedicated partner section of our website.

Investing in oil and gas comes with extremely high risks, but the potential for high returns.  Swan Energy has strict standards for participation in its projects as a qualified partner that include minimum standards for net worth, annual income, and business management experience. Qualified partners must verify that they have knowledge and experience in financial and business matters and are capable of evaluating the merits and risks of participating in a joint venture.  Swan Energy’s partners include small business owners and professionals including doctors, farmers, entrepreneurs, and ranchers.


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