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Brandon DavisWelcome to our new website.  I am very proud to launch Swan Energy’s new website, which is designed to better serve your needs with easier navigation, more frequent updates, and important news about the oil & gas industry.

Because we are in business together, I believe there is nothing more important than transparency.  Swan Energy is leading the efforts to transform the oil and gas industry with greater transparency for its partners and stakeholders through direct access to company principals and regular communications among partners.

As you are well aware we currently host regular conference calls to discuss and vote on each projects’ progress.  Additionally, we host partner meetings so that you can inspect and learn about the oil fields first hand.

This website is an extension of our commitment to transparency.  One of the features I think you will especially enjoy is the “Chat Board”. This board is installed for each Joint Venture so that you can discuss the projects’ progress, ask questions, and provide feedback.

This new website will include all the same features as the old one in addition to new and updated features such as an educational section that will provide important information about the oil & gas industry and how it works.

In the “About Us” section you will find biographies and contact information for each of the executives and your marketing representative.  You will see we have vast experience among our team members and many have very interesting backgrounds that extend beyond oil and gas.  I hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better.

Videos will be important element on this website and soon you can expect to see a video about the company, our executives and even your fellow partners.

Along with this website, we have launched other means of communications including a quarterly newsletter. The first and second editions have already been sent out. I hope you have enjoyed them.  Also, we are ramping up our social media presence where you will be able to receive on-going information about the company and the industry.  Please follow or like us on any of our social media accounts including:

Swan Energy facebook      Swan Energy linkedin     Swan Energy twitter     Swan Energy google-plus     Swan Energy youtube     Swan Energy vimeo     Swan Energy flickr

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you enjoy the new website and our efforts to communicate even more effectively with you.



P.S. feel free to leave a comment below to let us know how we are doing!


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