Swan Energy is leading the effort to transform the oil and gas industry with full transparency for its partners through direct access to company officers and regular communications among partners.

Swan Energy provides partners with detailed information about risks, financial obligations, and project operations through regularly scheduled conference calls and a dedicated partner website.  Swan Energy CEO, Brandon Davis, hosts the partner conference calls in order provide up to date information to partners so that they can make informed decisions about the direction of the joint venture.

At Swan Energy, transparency goes far beyond “virtual” relationships.  Our partners know one another and in many cases maintain close relationships. In fact, partners must be approved by a vote of their fellow partners to be allowed to participate in joint ventures.  Some partners even refer to their Swan Energy relationships as being “like family.”

Swan Energy brings partners together several times a year to build direct, personal relationships and to visit the wells and learn about their partnerships first hand. These “partner meetings” allow partners to see each other face to face and better manage the joint ventures.

Below are quotes from Swan Energy partners:

“I’m investing in them and they are investing in me…they want someone that is going to be willing and able to help the venture we are in to succeed.”

Jack M. – Austin, TX

“They don’t sidestep any questions…they want you to be informed and educated.”

Garland L. – Austin, TX

“They are just a great bunch of folks…it’s almost like a family.”

Ron M. – Ocala, Fl


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