About Us

Specializing in Domestic Gas and Oil

Swan Energy Incorporated is an independent oil and gas company specializing in the exploration and production of domestic oil and natural gas fields (working effectively in a risky business).  As a managing venturer, Swan Energy has participation opportunities in new oil and gas Joint Ventures to qualified investors.

Top Strategic Partners in the Field

Established in 1977, Swan Energy is devoted to the success of our Joint Ventures; having a long term commitment to the exploration and production of proven domestic oil and gas fields, employing the highest standards of due diligence, creating a competitive turnkey structure, and managing cost effectively as we bring oil and gas wells to completion, thus maximizing returns on investment (if any) for partners in our Joint Ventures.

Pump jack in Oklahoma

The qualified investors that become Joint Venture participants have confidence and peace of mind knowing that as a market leader in oil and gas exploration and production, our strategic partnerships and alliances with: geologists, engineers, drilling companies, completion and production companies, are among the leading companies in the central U.S.

Complete Transparency, Investment Reporting

Swan Energy holds direct interest in every Joint Venture project we manage.  We believe that every project must have complete transparency for participants by providing: daily reports on drilling, production reports, conference calls with Joint Venture partners, and frequent updates through the Swan Energy website.  Our Joint Venture participants are in control of their investment and have confidence in knowing the status of their wells at all times.

Did you know that according to the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), 90% of oil and gas wells in America come from independent producers? 

Direct Investment in Oil and Gas Could Create Substantial Tax Deductions and Potential Profits.

That is one reason congress, in 1986, created tax incentives to direct invest in oil and gas projects.  As a result, our partners have a typical tax deduction of $100,000 or more which could be applied that same year.

Oil Rig at dusk in Texas

Swan Energy focuses on drilling wells in areas with historical production.  We base decisions to drill on quality geology and engineering with more than 30 years of well data collected by state agencies.

Keeping America Working One Well at a Time

We pride ourselves on being part of an industry that has created more than 9 million jobs and contributes more than 7% to the Gross Domestic Product. 

Because Swan Energy focuses on domestic oil production, we play an important role in the success of our American economy by participating in an industry that creates about 100 jobs for every well drilled.

By continuing to focus on oil and gas exploration and production, we are reducing our dependency on foreign oil and investing in our future by investing in America.

No Better Time To Invest in America

Given the current political climate and economic condition, there is no better time to take advantage of domestic oil and gas exploration and production.  Oil is currently trending at 2-year highs between 90 and 105 dollars per barrel and is expected to stay above $100 per barrel in the near future.  This, combined with about a $100,000 or more tax deduction, creates a perfect time to benefit directly from Oil and Gas Investments.

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